no escape - Kickstarter early 2018

sole creator, purchased by OOMM Games

No Escape

You recently arrived at your new post on the station Titan, when the unthinkable occurred. Now you must flee for your life through the maintenance corridors as toxic gas begins to flood the station. Your only hope for survival is finding the last escape pod through the darkened maze of maintenance catwalks and tunnels. Find that escape pod before there is No Escape.

No Escape is a game for 2-8 players where each player is attempting to escape the maze of a heavily damaged space station about to explode. Each space suited player is running for their life in an attempt to find safety. However, the catwalks themselves are changing as the station slowly falls apart.

Design Notes

In no escape, players take turns extending the maze of the damages station, while also having the chance to play Actions to give themselves a bonus, or hinder the other players. Players need to extend the maze in front of other payers while trying to keep their own path as short as possible. Need a boost in movement for the turn? Use your jump pack! but watch out, as it has limited fuel. 

Every dead end in the maze has a purpose, as either a control center - allowing players to open up new pathways onto the map - or teleport chamber - with all teleport chambers connected together. The stack of tiles marks the countdown on the station until it explodes. If no players make it off the station before the tiles run out, the game ends with all players loosing.  

- It's been a while since I posted an update, so here is a summary of everything that's been happening:

   - We had an issue with the artwork we hired out for, and have had to look at hiring a new artist. We used the time however to make mock-ups of several different designs and have people vote on which they liked the most. As such we are confident with the new look the tiles will have.

   - We have box art and logo designs being finished up at the moment, and will be showing samples here and on Facebook soon.

   - The new tentative date for the Kickstarter is April 16th!

   - We will be going with Longpack Games as our manufacturer. 

   - Tabletopia is all set up for play testing the game online. Check out our Facebook page for a link.

- 12 reviewers so far for No Escape!

- New prototypes out to play-testers. Kickstarter page beginning to be set up. 

- Social Media and Newsletter Sign ups now available. Check the links to the right!

- Final contract details have been worked out, and all the contracts are signed.

- Blind Playtesting was showing confusion with how the New Hallway tiles work. The prototype artwork was re-designed to make the use of these tiles clearer.

- The rules have been revamped to be clearer. 

- Recent playtests found an unexpected issue with one of the Action tiles. Fortunately the fix for this tile was quite simple. 

- New artwork is currently being created for the game. I'm looking forward to showcasing it soon.

- Due to issues beyond my control, this game was previously on hold for a long time. I am excited to finnaly be able to produce the game I've been so passionate about for so long.

- Previous artwork that some of you may have seen can no longer be used. We will be commissioning new artwork soon.